Joseph Allotta is assistant professor and director of the Ministry Department and Campus Chaplain at Trinity College of Florida and the lead pastor of The Crossroads Church. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Pastoral Ministry from Trinity College as well as a Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry from Liberty University.

He started out in Christian education as a 6th grader.  By the time he was in 11th grade he was the class and student body president.  He played sports, acted in plays, wrote for the school newspaper, and edited the yearbook.  Joseph was seriously impacted by his Bible teacher and youth pastor at the church.  After graduating from Trinity College of Florida he was hired to be the youth pastor at the same church that was the parent ministry over his alma mater.  He soon started teaching some Bible classes at the school, and the initial ideas for Discipleship in Education were born.  Since that time he has been in various administrative roles in a couple different Christian school – everything from athletic director to dean of students to being on the board of directors.  In every role from teacher to coach, Joseph sought to disciple the students entrusted to him.

When it came time to write his doctoral thesis.  He knew he wanted to investigate what other schools were doing to disciple students.  He surveyed the seniors of 6 Christian and interviewed dozens of staff members.  The results he found and the best practices he discovered he shares with you in Discipleship in Education: A Plan for Creating True Followers of Christ in Christians Schools.  On top of still teaching and pastoring, he wants to help others disciple the students God entrusted to them.

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