How Do We Measure “Discipleship”?

Discipleship is kind of a squirrelly thing to measure.  Most churches and schools just assume they are doing a good job and use anecdotal evidence at best to justify that belief.  We here at Discipleship in Education measures four objective criteria: Biblical Knowledge Christian Worldview Spiritual Disciplines and Practical Discipleship Individually, they fall far short of … Continue reading How Do We Measure “Discipleship”?

Fun = Trust

I get asked often about "games" in chapel. I actually think injecting fun into chapel can be really valuable. The Orange Conference talks often about how fun=trust and when a student is having fun they will trust you more. As I've been experimented with doing games at the beginning of some chapels, I've noticed more … Continue reading Fun = Trust

Discipleship in Coaching

Coaches have an immense opportunity to disciple their players.  During the season, they spend more time with those students than their pastor, youth pastors, teachers, and parents combined.  But discipleship doesn't happen by accident. Here's how to get started: Set spiritual growth goals right along side of team and physical goals. Incorporate spiritual activities in … Continue reading Discipleship in Coaching

So no surprise here there’s a big gap between the way public schools and Christian schools handle sex-education. Public schools tend to over-share and get into all sorts of sexual acts and practices, while Christian schools either ignore the topic all together or only share about abstinence and purity. Now I think all my Christian … Continue reading