cup-2533629_960_720 There are schools who think they are discipling their students, then there are schools who know they are.  The Premiere Researcher Package are for those school who get how important discipleship truly is in education and want to do everything possible to be the best at it.  We bring our researcher, Dr. Joseph Allotta, the author of Discipleship in Education on your campus to conduct the same research he did for his doctoral dissertation.  The cost of all this is less than a part-time staff member.  The value is immeasurable. The tools here will allow you to see your discipleship more clearly through student surveys and staff interviews, strategy sessions and execution of goals conducted year round, and continual evaluation by our staff at Discipleship in Education.

  • Everything included in our Custom Discipleship Package
  • We start with custom surveys for your students, teachers and parents.  We conduct interviews (all with prior permission from the school and parents), and on-site investigation of classes, chapel, Bible classes, etc.
  • A personalized plan will be developed with specific goals for not only this year but what to look for to make adjustments for years to come.
  • Year long strategy sessions and follow-up with key personnel will help ensure these goals are being achieved and actual results are being tracked.
  • We will even come back on-site to do admin, teacher, and student leadership training.  Word of mouth is our best advertisement, we want you to achieve your goals and succeed!


cup-2533629_960_720 Cost is adjusted on School Size and Distance for Travel

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