microphone-1674903_960_720 Dr. Joseph Allotta would love to come out to your next event.  Whether you need someone for continuing education trainings for your teachers or a chapel speaker for your students, Dr. Allotta would be a great fit.  His humor and personality quickly engages the audience both young and old.  He absolutely wants to tailor his message to whatever your needs might be.  For more on his Bio click here

He’s spoken in:

  • Teacher and Administrator Trainings
  • Student Chapels and Spiritual Emphasis Weeks
  • Retreats and Conferences
  • Baccalaureates and Graduations


microphone-1674903_960_720 $250 per day + Travel Expenses (Multiple days discounted)

And he’ll speak as much as you need that day!

He’s happy to be shared with another ministry in the area if that helps to defray your costs.  Dr. Joseph Allotta lives in the Tampa Bay Area if you are trying to calculate travel costs.