If you are interested in evaluating where your students truly are spiritually and then actually put a plan in place to effectively disciple them, then you came to the right place.

cropped-cropped-simple-logo2.jpg STEP 1 – Survey:

To get a baseline for where your school needs improvements, you need to survey your students.  It will allow you to track areas you are trying to improve throughout the year, and can help you see where you stand in comparison to similar schools.  Fill-out the form below and we will send you a customized link to the survey for you to then deliver to your students in whatever way is easiest for you and your school.  We here at Discipleship in Education will then tabulate the results and send you a custom report.  We hope you will consider working with us more in the future.

cropped-cropped-simple-logo2.jpg STEP 2 – Strategize:

Once the survey is completed, it’s time to get to work.  Putting a workable plan together is essential.  We only have so many days to impact the students God has entrusted us with.  Let’s do the best we can for them.  We’ll give some recommendations of course, but we’d love to get started working with you sooner rather than later.

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“Joseph ‘gets it,’ he understands biblical discipleship! He destroys the myth of discipleship being an activity on the calendar or advanced option for super-believers. Furthermore, he defines the biblical mandate for discipleship and establishes a strategy. He has written for the Christian School but this is application to all of life.”

Mike Calhoun, Pastor of Ministry Training at the Summit Church

“The number of Christian school graduates who leave their faith behind when they go to college may not be in spite of what Christian schools do but because of it.  How do we measure what our students really believe and what they do with what they learn? How can we ensure that what we teach … Continue reading Dr. Dennis Cox, Vice President for Academic Affairs at Trinity College of Florida

Dr. Dennis Cox, Vice President for Academic Affairs at Trinity College of Florida