The Instrument for Churches to Effectively Measure Discipleship

Discipleship is kind of a squirrelly thing to measure.  Most churches just assume they are doing a good job and use anecdotal evidence at best to justify that belief.  We here at Measuring Discipleship look at four objective criteria:

Biblical Knowledge

Christian Worldview

Spiritual Disciplines

Practical Discipleship

Individually, they fall far short of what discipleship entails but together they can help paint a picture.  If a church member isn’t gaining biblical knowledge then there is a flaw in impartation.  Likewise, if they don’t have a Christian Worldview or isn’t living out the spiritual disciplines then there is a problem in application.  Finally, we believe that disciples make disciple-making disciples.  A church member is most effective when he or she has been discipled so that they can begin discipling themselves.

Our Measuring Discipleship survey will allow you to SEE your discipleship efforts more clearly.  It can help you in various ways:

1. Determine readiness of an individual for leadership

2. Evaluate a designated group with your church

3. Compare your church’s effectiveness to others

Fill out this form below and we will provide you with a personalized survey link for your church. Your journey to more strategic discipleship in your church can begin NOW!

It’s Time for a Discipleship Check-up