1. Schedule those who absolutely killed it last year.  They’ll start to understand your culture and they begin connecting with your students
  2. Invite faculty and staff members who SHOULD speak in chapel.  A lot of people CAN speak in chapel but not everyone necessarily should.
  3. Connect with speakers who your students already love.  Maybe there’s a pastor back home or a preacher they heard at a camp or other event who they think is absolutely incredible.  Get ’em.  They’ll already have a fan section.
  4. Call churches that are right around your school.  I tend to think that Youth Pastors are your best targets.  They are usually excited to speak in chapel and are good at connecting with students, but some Senior Pastors do well with that too.
  5. Choose a theme for the semester.  Just something that loosely connects the chapels.  It gives you something to share with the chapel speakers to point them in some direction, it also might help you identify a local ministry or non-profit that deals with that specific issue, and finally if you ever have an open chapel to allow for some discussion amongst your students this will give you an outline to help you somewhat stay on track.



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