I had a sobering reminder this week that many students don’t have any kind of spiritual support at home.  Just because parents are sending students to a Christian school doesn’t mean they are modeling Christianity at home.  When we identify a student that fits that mold, I think there’s a few things you can do to help.

  • First, we can invite them to come to our church.  I know it gets a little squirrely  these days when it comes to outside activities with students so it’s best if other students go to the same church as well.
  • Second, we can offer devotions before or after school.  It might be the only time of true spiritual renewal in the students life.  Students need to model behavior.  There’s so many things we take for granted if we grew up in the church and had Christian parents.  Teach the behaviors you take for granted.
  • Finally, open the chapel up more often.  Whenever there’s an important day on the church calendar or even just the timing feels right. Have a time of prayer where students can just pray on their own or with a staff member.  Most young people won’t partake in such an event, but this isn’t for most students.  This is for the few who may need it.

It’s a humbling thought that we might be the only Christian influence in a students life.  And it’s going to take serious effort to help instill the principles in a few short years, that usually take a lifetime.  But it’s a worthwhile journey.

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