One thing we require at our school is for each student to complete 20 hours of Christian service each semester.  It’s not meant to be burdensome at just a couple hours a week, and it keeps them involved in their churches and communities.  However, in recent years, we have noticed a decline in participation.  Instead of doing nothing and just hoping for a different result, we decided to act.  We had always offered various events to help the students get their hours, but this year we required all first time students to participate with us.  What it did was create community and build relationships amongst the students and with myself.  The students enjoyed serving together, and we hope to see the participation numbers in Christian service rise in following years.

What I recommend is for you to look at what you require of your students and ask yourself, “Can we do this together?”  Maybe you can build the same community and relationships that we have started to build.

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