As I sat in my first class of the day my Senior year, a TV was rolled in and we watched the plane hit the second tower.  None of us understood the full scale of what we were dealing with, but we knew to do a few things.  We knew to pray.  We knew how to pray.  We knew who to pray to.  But as that surreal day carried on we also knew how to process this event (as much as anyone could.)  We knew that God was good.  We knew that He was All-Powerful.  We knew how to deal with this seemingly impossible questions as to why God would allow something like this to happen.  Despite our age, we understood the Biblical Worldview.  We were ready to share this with others.  This day should forever be a reminder to help your students work through concepts like the problem of evil.  It is vastly important that they get to wrestle with these complicated ideas before the next catastrophic event happens in the world or in their lives.  Let 9/11 be the reminder.

For some ways to deal with the Problem of Evil.  Check out these articles.

The Problem of Evil

Don’t Assume Judgement

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