Many schools put on a Spiritual Emphasis Week to help challenge and invigorate their students.  I love it.  I think you should do one the start of each semester.  But as with all things Christian Schools do, I think it can done better.  I have lots of ideas to really make Spiritual Emphasis Week an impactful event for students.  These are the kind of things we talk about on our conference calls and one-on-one sessions in our various Consulting Packages.  But I give you my best advice here in this video – outsource.  Get a pastoral staff at a church to run your spiritual emphasis week.  Now many schools have a church connected with them, and maybe they’ll be the right fit for this (but maybe they’re not.)  But a church staff is built for spiritual emphasis week.  This is what they do week-in-and-week-out.  When they can highlight their best stuff during a single week it can make a huge impact.  Get yourself a single point-person at the church (youth pastor, discipleship pastor, or the like.)  Have them put the various sessions together.  Listen to their advice of what else can be done in and around the school day that will be effective in kick-starting or deepening the student’s relationship with Christ.  You’re busy enough. Let the professionals handle this one.

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