Christian School teacher’s love their students and want to spiritually impact them. At least this is true of the vast majority of teachers I have met over the years. So here’s just a couple small changes you can make to have a greater impact in the long run in.

  1. Pray for Your Students Individually

Prayer is common throughout the classrooms of a Christian school. Whether to start a class or taking prayer requests. But pulling students aside individually has infinitely more benefits and can be squeezed in at multiple points throughout the day. It was have a dramatic effect on nearly all students but especially the 10-12% of student who feel like no faculty member cares for them. This should help to close that gap. Have a print-out a list of your students and it will help you to keep track to make sure you don’t miss anyone. Keep a prayer journal with their requests to help with follow-up.

2. Investigate Your Student’s Church Experience

Maybe there are teachers who talk to their student’s about where they go to church, but I have not seen many take a systematic approach. Use the same student list to ask each student about their church experience. Do they go to church? How often do they go? Which church? Do they enjoy it? The answers to these questions will help you in future interactions with parents. Perhaps you will invite some families to your church. Perhaps you could encourage students to invite some of their friends to their church. Most importantly, a step down the disciple-making bridge was taken.

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