Biblical Integration is all about how we connect the Bible to all the subjects that we teach. At the outset to this series let’s establish the basics of what this is and isn’t.

Biblical Integration IS NOT:

  • Including a Bible verse at the top or bottom of a worksheet
  • Diagramming a Bible verse in grammar class
  • Reading one or all the Bible verses on horses after a horse unit
  • Using a science experiment as an analogy to the Christian life
  • Praying once or even several times a day in class
  • Having class devotions
  • Casually referring to the greatness of God during a science lesson

Prayer and devotions are wonderful tools in a Christian school classroom, but alone, do not ascend to the level of biblical integration.

Biblical Integration IS:

Seeing how the topic/subject reveals the character or nature of:

  • Does the subject/topic address the character or nature of God?
  • Are we deal with an aspect of God’s creation and design?
  • Is there revelation on the nature or character of Mankind?
  • Can we discuss morality and right and wrong?
  • Is there an aspect of our Purpose?

So below, I will continue to add some advice and directions on how to Biblically integrate various subjects you may teach in your classroom.



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