Only about 5% of Christian school students read their Bibles regularly on their own. What can schools do to encourage this behavior. Studies have shown that authority figures trying to build habits in others is rarely successful. Instead we should entice students with the potential to know God better. That’s what they get out of reading the bible more. We can encourage it, model it, reward it. But it will be the student’s desire to deepen their relationship with their Creator and Savior that will really cause this discipline to stick.

Some Additional Resources:

Exploring the Bible: A Reading Plan for Kids is a book to help young people begin to really engage God’s Word. has Quiet Time devotionals for every age. What’s great is that young kids and teenagers will be on the same passage although the kiddos will read a little less and have more helps. is the Bible App that you have on your phone but you can set-up reading plans for your whole group (and track their progress.) is even more customizable to get everyone reading the same Scriptures.

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