I got 3 pieces of advice for in-person and online learning as you begin school.

In-Person Learning

  • Keep Calm – Statistically, our kids will be fine. The concern for teachers, grandparents and the like isn’t a weight the kids should bear. They need to follow the rules of your school, but they don’t need to worry about anything more than that.
  • Get Creative – There’s going to be a lot of activities that will have to go – especially to start the year. Don’t just cancel events – replace them. And do your best to make the substitute to be as good as the originial.
  • Build Culture – Whether it’s Air high-fives, elbow-bumps, or whatever you all come up with, do something to build personal culture in your school and classroom.

Online Learning

  • Connect Students – Too often online learning is about connecting teacher with student. However, work needs to be done connecting students with other students. Depending on their particular situation. Online learners might be isolated and alone. Students need socialization.
  • Have Fun – Fun is going to look different, but you need to have fun. Honestly, there’s only so much learning that can occur during any given day. Don’t forget about the amount of fun things that happen throughout the day, week, and school year. Things might be different, but fight to create enjoyment in the students’ learning day.
  • Small Groups – Depending on what you are doing on campus, online students might have an opportunity to watch chapel. That’s great, but may I also recommend small groups. Take online students and online staff and connect them virtually for a bible study. This weekly meeting will have incredible dividends.

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