I think a great way to get quality chapel speakers is by asking the students where they go to youth group and inviting those youth pastors. But then what do you do if your students are going to different denominations than your school or are coming from places with theological beliefs different than your own.

First, be realistic about the differences. If you are both evangelical protestant, you probably aren’t all that far away from each other theologically. But still, I’m always a little nervous when I don’t really know the chapel speaker. So I have 3 tools I use to make sure we all stay on the same page.

  1. I can ask them to share what they are going to speak on. I can then share some of our belief and can see if we are going to run into any problems.
  2. I can ask them to share specifically on a certain topic of Scripture. If I steer them toward safety I can prevent any potential conflict.
  3. I can ask them to more or less just share their testimony or about a certain experience I know they have. I use this specifically if I know we are really far apart and I just think there are too many landmines.

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