Few elementary teachers have actually been taught methods of teaching Scripture. Here are some helpful hints in that endeavor.

  1. God is the main character. It’s not Noah, not David, and not Jonah. Look to what God is doing. It’s usually trying to make the point that God is faithful. When He makes a promise, He keeps that promise.
  2. Historical Context. These are real stories, not Aesop fables. Share what’s going on in the world at that time for these stories to actually make historical sense.
  3. It’s all about Jesus. Whether your starting point is Jesus and you jump to other Bible stories, or go the other way and start with the Old Testament and then share how Jesus connects to this.
  • Bonus* Check out www.rightnowmedia.com Now I get no kickback from them, and there is a cost to their service, but check to see if your church already has it. Their section for KIDS has some phenomenal resources that teach the bible to children.

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