So no surprise here there’s a big gap between the way public schools and Christian schools handle sex-education.

Public schools tend to over-share and get into all sorts of sexual acts and practices, while Christian schools either ignore the topic all together or only share about abstinence and purity.

Now I think all my Christian educators and I are somewhat near each other when we say that this is ultimately the job of the parents.

I agree, but let me tell you; parents are usually WAY to late to the party when it comes to sharing with their kid about sexuality.  And we live in a world where access to information is easier and easier.

And we’re either going to cede this conversation to the World or we’re going to take it in a different direction.

So here’s my guidelines for Christian School Sex-Education:

~Form a small group of administrators, teachers, and parents

~Determine what should be covered for various ages:

Biology and Anatomy

Birth Control Methods and Sexually Transmitted diseases

Biblical Guidelines to Sex (not “no” but wait)

Support for addictions, accountability for struggles, help for assault

~Share this information with the Parents.  Allow them to cover it themselves and opt their student out.  Or at least be able to follow-up in whatever way they see fit

~Get the right presenter to share this information with the students

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